Ober Mamma: Italian Trattoria for Hipsters in Paris

Ober Mamma is a trendy place with delicious Italian food, the perfect place for lunch, dinner or a cocktail. In the restaurant you have a view in the open kitchen with the big wood fired pizza oven. They have a various choose of delicious topper thine crunchy pizza or pasta’s. Short after the opening of East … More Ober Mamma: Italian Trattoria for Hipsters in Paris

Ellsworth; Anglo-Saxo brunch

Like to try something else beside the french kitchen? Try this unordinary anglo-saxo restaurant near Palais Royal. This casual, modern restaurant, located near Palais Royal and the Louvre offers a delicious menu for lunch, brunch and dinner. The small menu is original and offers a modern Anglo-Saxon kitchen, away from the clichés. The quality and creativity are undeniable. For the … More Ellsworth; Anglo-Saxo brunch