Japanese/Korean Food Heaven in Paris

Bimbimbap or Okonomiyaki? Looking for something different than the french kitchen? And you don’t want to go to Chinatown? Go to Rue Saint Anne in the opera district. You will find a wide variety of high quality Japanse and Korean restaurants and supermarkets in this Japanese/korean food heaven. From Sushi to Udon noodles, Gyoza’s and … More Japanese/Korean Food Heaven in Paris


Ober Mamma: Italian Trattoria for Hipsters in Paris

Ober Mamma is a trendy place with delicious Italian food, the perfect place for lunch, dinner or a cocktail. In the restaurant you have a view in the open kitchen with the big wood fired pizza oven. They have a various choose of delicious topper thine crunchy pizza or pasta’s. Short after the opening of East … More Ober Mamma: Italian Trattoria for Hipsters in Paris

Ellsworth; Anglo-Saxo brunch

Like to try something else beside the french kitchen? Try this unordinary anglo-saxo restaurant near Palais Royal. This casual, modern restaurant, located near Palais Royal and the Louvre offers a delicious menu for lunch, brunch and dinner. The small menu is original and offers a modern Anglo-Saxon kitchen, away from the clichés. The quality and creativity are undeniable. For the … More Ellsworth; Anglo-Saxo brunch