On the Ice in a Parisian palace

Have you ever had the chance to go ice skating in a palace?  This can be a nice activity during your weekend Paris in between the christmas shopping and drinking the vin chaud.
Especially during christmas period Paris has several places throughout the city where you can go for Ice skating. The most impressive and special one is the venue in the grand palais, ‘Le grand palais des glaces’ from 14 Décembre 2016 – 02 Janvier 2017.

The best time of the day to go is at the end of the day so you can see and experience this impressive palace with the hugh glass rooftop and wait until the sunset. As soon as it get’s darkt the lights are switched on. A DJ will start playing some nice music and the scenery will change completely to an ice skating disco. The ice dancing can begin!
Its adviced to buy tickets in advance to avoid long waiting time.


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