Bespoke; welcoming cocktailbar in Oberkampf

In the majority of the cocktailbars in Paris, the staff can be arrogant and the cocktails overpriced but not at Bespoke. In this cocktailbar in the populair area Oberkampf the bartenders are very welcoming, friendly and speak english. The cocktailmenu is orginal and they advice you according to your taste. Try the somehow-fantastic Capri C’est Fini with cherry tomatoes, rum, basil and balsamic vinegar. Delicious if you prefer a more savoury cocktail. Besides the cocktails they offer a small, modest menu of tapas to share. Not something fancy or extraordinairy but good for a small bite. The small intimide bar, with vintage tables and chairs creates a different atmosfeer compared to the typically parisian bars. The perfect bar to relax after a long day shopping!

3 Rue Oberkampf

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