Dangerous shopping experience; Le grand epicerie

In the food section of Le Bon Marche, you will get lost into this gourmet temptation. This oldest department store of Paris is located on the left bank of the river. The huge diversity of products can be overwelming, having a choice between 35 different kind of chocolate, tea or olive oil. From butterfly sugarcubes for decorating your coffeecup to the oysterbar where you can enjoy your fresh oyster during your grocery shopping. Who doesn’t want to experience that! And about the prices? don’t believe the name Le Bon Marche, which means directly translated cheap, because the prices vary depending of the orgin and age of the product. But in general there is a big risk to leave the epicerie with an empty wallet…. But if you look for something special they have it here. Truely a must see during you visit to Paris!

Le Bon Marché
38 rue de Sèvres
7e Paris


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