Canard&Champagne; the french paradox

This recently opened modern french restaurant serves one speciality; duck and champagne. If you are a fan of duck (Canard) this is a must try! On the menu you can choose your starter between foie gras or a salade and for the main course you have the choose between Margret de canard (duckbreast) or confit de canard (duck confit) for only 26 euro. The quality and preparatoin of the meat is in one word excellent. Not only the quality of the food is excellent, aswell the staff is very friendly and helpfull. The restaurant is beautiful decorated in an unordinairy style where traditional meets modern. It’s not very easy to find the restaurant because it is hidden in one of the charming passages of Paris; Passage des Panoramas in the 2nd arrondisement. This is the oldest covered passages of Paris.

Canard et Champagne
57 Passage des Panoramas
Metro Bourse


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