Café Constant; charming french bistro near the Eiffeltower 

This charming casual french bistro serves the whole day, 7 days per week good value french food in an expensive neighborhood. If you search for a typically french restaurant near the eiffeltower for lunch or diner this is a good casual place to go. The menu has different typically french dishes and a special day menu. Maybe you experienced it before during one of your visits to France as soon if you want to eat something out of the regular lunchtime (from 12 – 14) or diner time (starting from 19hr) it can be difficult finding a proper meal beside a baguette fromage (cheese sandwich). But in this restaurant it’s no problem. They have 2 floors and the staff is very friendly and they speak english. They don’t take reservations and it’s always busy so come early if you want to be sure of a table.

Café Constant
139 rue Saint-Dominique



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