Jacquemart-Andre; impressive private mansion in Paris

You enter this private 19th century mansion, in the Champs-elysee area via a long terrace with stone lions. This is the home to the beautiful, international private art collection which was assembled by Edouard André and his wife Nélie Jacquemart. The collection features great works from Rembrandt and various paintings by Italian masters Botticelli, Donatello and Titian, among others. Beside the impressive art collections visiting this mansion is an experience comparable to Versailles in a smaller and more intimate version. Every room has his own theme and be marvelous by Jardin d’Hiver – a glass-paned garden room backed by a magnificent staircase.

Relax after all the impressions in the salon the thé (11.45am to 5.30pm), which serves pastries as extravagant as the decor.
Musee Jacquemart-Andre
158 bd Haussmann, 8e
Metro: Miromesnil


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