Club Le Carmen; chic, boudoir style cocktailbar

Club Le Carmen is located in the former house of the french composer George Bizet and named after his most famous opera. This amazing venue is decorated with all the original ornaments. Shining cristal chandeliers, big antique mirrors give a special neo-classical ambiance to this club. They serve a wide range of special cocktails but surprisingly there is no cocktailmenu because the house mixologist mix the perfect cotckail for you according to his expertise and your taste. The perfect club for a unusual neo classical, night out for dancing and cocktail. And ladies don’t forget to put on your high heels and for the men no sneakers…. they have a pretty strict door policy.IMG_7693

Le Carmen
34 Rue Duperré, 75009 Paris, France
Metroline 12 or 2 Pigalle

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