Ober Mamma: Italian Trattoria for Hipsters in Paris

Ober Mamma is a trendy place with delicious Italian food, the perfect place for lunch, dinner or a cocktail. In the restaurant you have a view in the open kitchen with the big wood fired pizza oven. They have a various choose of delicious topper thine crunchy pizza or pasta’s.

Short after the opening of East Mamma the owner opened another restaurant; Ober Mamma. You can find this trendy Italian trattoria, designed by Martin Brudzniki ,(restaurants of Jamie Oliver) in the 11th arrondisement. Be aware you can’t make a reservation but they will take your name and you can wait in the cocktailbar for your table. And believe me thats no punishment with the wide range of cocktails on the beveragelist. The bar is decorated with typically Italian products; big bottles with olive oil and vinegar and hanging cured hams. Ordering one of the original cocktails or apero spritz comes with small tapas; coppa di parma, pecorino and olives.

Ober Mamma
107, boulevard renar lenoir
75011 Paris


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